Want to be a Group Leader?

To register, just give us a call at 585.653.8746 and you have the opportunity to earn credit against the price of your cabin or earn CA$H according to the number of booked cabins in your group!

#1  Register as a group leader and book your own cabin on the cruise.

#2  Contact your potential guests and have them call us at 585.653.8746 or 866.480.8146 (toll free) and we will process their reservations.   Make sure you get credit by asking your guest to identify themselves as a member of your group when they call in.

#3  When you have accumulated 3 bookings, check out the compensation schedule to see where you stand!

Important to know:  If a person you refer has sailed on our entertainment cruises within the last three years or is a member of another group, that booking will not qualify.

If you have questions, please contact us; we are at your service and always happy to help.

We look forward to talking with you and we wish you every success in forming your Group.  Call us and get started today:  585.653.8746