The ‘SuperBand’ is comprised of ‘Superstars’ who only get together as such, for special occasions’ and the Jazz Cruise is always a ‘Special Occasion’! The members have been playing together in different formations for as long as 30 years and more, so each musician is thoroughly familiar with each other’s musical compositions and although there will be a lot of ‘jamming’ this will not be a Jam Session, but an organized Super Show! Jazz Cruise regular, star trumpeter (and in this case “Electric Trumpeter”) Randy Brecker has been appearing as a Special Guest with famed star guitarist Mike Stern’s Band for the past 8 years, and conversely Mike Stern was a part of Randy’s recent Brecker Bros Band Reunion and played with the ‘Return of the Brecker Bros’ in the 90’s. Superstar drummer Dennis Chambers has been playing with Mike Stern off and on for over 30 years (between playing with Santana, P-Funk and many,many others) and was also a part of the ‘Return of the Brecker Bros Band’ in ’92. Famed saxophonist Bill Evans first played with Mike Stern in the great Miles Davis fusion band of the ’80s and sometimes co-leads a band with Mike to this day… with Dennis on drums! Randy Brecker and Bill Evans for years have also co-led the ‘Soulbop Band’ which has starred on the European Jazz Circuit and recently played at the Playboy Jazz Festival! Rounding out the group is a face the Jazz Cruisers know well as a ‘straight ahead’ upright acoustic jazz bass player: Mr Tom Kennedy, who, also being an integral part of the Mike Stern Band for several years will put on another hat, and will be laying down some super Funky Grooves on Electric Bass!…off with the Suits and Ties!…JazzCruisers are in for a special treat with the SuperBand! They last appeared together touring in Japan in 2014 and this will be their first JazzCruise!