Homemade Jamz Blues Band

From 1964 to 1968, Chad & Jeremy had eleven hit US singles and released seven classic albums. At the end of the 1960s, they went their separate ways – Jeremy returning to London to become an actor on the stage and screen; Chad pursuing a career behind the scenes in the music business. In the last decade, the reunited duo have been thrilling audiences across the globe with their unique mixture of hi

Homemade Jamz Blues Band’s (HJBB) unique sound and style is a product and compilation of the trio’s hunger and thirst for the music (blues) that they so love.   Their passion and dedication has proven to be electrifying and energetic to witness.

HJBB started in Baumholder,  Germany.  Young Ryan found a Stratocaster copy among dad’s, (Renaud Perry’s) bags and wanted it. A week later, Ryan had composed a short instrumental tune, (which he’d play at his school talent show) and was playing along to commercials. When the family relocated to Tupelo, MS, the passion stayed with him. Returning home, Ryan, dove head first into the blues.  “I heard and emulated B.B. King, Albert King, Jimmie Hendrix, and Stevie Ray Vaughan,” he recalls.  Having found his passion and direction, Ryan progressed like tenfold.

Ryan Perry, now 23, the oldest of the trio, has vocals that are mind blowing and beyond his years.  It’s almost as if he was an old soul, reincarnated into a new generation of the blues.  Some of his early music influences are Howlin’ Wolf, Albert King, BB King, and Junior Kimbrough, while modern blues influences includes the likes of the late Michael Burks, Bernard Allison, and Gary Clark, Jr.  Ryan has managed to captivate and mesmerize the minds and hearts of his followers with his raspy and gritty vocals.  His electrifying and soulful guitar picking is sure to entice and seduce your most inner soul.

Two years later, Ryan was joined by little brother Kyle, then nine years old, wanted in on the action.  Kyle, now 20, first took up piano and guitar before he found his calling playing the bass, teaching himself the nuances of the instrument, and its role in the blues. Before long, he was performing with his brother Ryan in small venues and local restaurants, as confident as any wizened old pro and digging his role. “[I] keep the timing and lock down the beat along with the drummer, which allows the lead guitar player to do his own thing while everyone is juking to the beat.”

Little sister Taya, then seven years old, was not going to be left out.  Her determination to give the drums a shot came after Ryan and Kyle reluctantly allowed her to play along during practice.  Taya, now 16, already possessing a rhythmic sense from playing tambourine, settled onto the stool, and in no time was providing the beat behind Ryan and Kyle.  Learning by ear, she taught herself the beat and rhythm that binds the complete sound of the trio.  “I love being a drummer, especially being a girl drummer. I feel energetic when I’m playing the drums,” she says.

It’s likewise energizing and invigorating to watch Homemade Jamz perform; the exhilarating trio was a hot ticket, and well on their way to becoming one of the youngest blues bands actively traveling the blues music trail. Ryan’s raspy, gruff vocals along with visceral, stinging, guitar licks, Kyle’s solid rumble and Taya’s cool stomp have electrified festival goers across the country, Canada, Europe, Legendary Blues Cruise, and music festivals all over.

The trio saturated their local media, appearing numerous times in several local papers and national blues magazines, and on local and national TV—including feature segments on CBS Sunday Morning Show, The Today’s Show, The Monique Show, and The Tavis Smiley Show.  As well, HJBB won the 3rd Annual MS Delta Blues Society of Indianola’s Blues Challenge (2006), were the youngest band ever to compete in the 23rdInternational Blues Challenge (2007), taking 2nd in a field of 93 seasoned bands, youngest blues band to sign with a major blues label (NorthernBlues Music) (2008), and the youngest Blues Music Award Nominees for Best New Artist (2009).

HJBB’s astounding sound blends Mississippi, Chicago, and Contemporary juke joint blues that will surely get you on your toe tapping, knee bending, and foot stomping stance, copping the gritty slickness of the former and the dirty soul of the latter—never betraying its authors’ age. The trio exudes nothing but confidence and attitude as they sing of betrayal, love, hard times and other bad things gone down as if they’ve lived a life rich in strife. They are sure, a veritable blues explosion poised to continue making the big sound.

ts and wit.

Chad Stuart and Jeremy Clyde met at drama school in 1960, and were playing a small folk club in London when they were discovered by famed movie composer John Barry. They became a sensation in America by riding the wave of the British Invasion, chalking up seven Top 40 hits including “A Summer Song”, “Yesterday’s Gone”, “Willow Weep for Me”, and “Distant Shores”. The duo appeared in legendary TV shows including The Dick Van Dyke Show, The Patty Duke Show, Batman and Laredo. They hosted Hullabaloo, appeared on The Tonight Show and countless others.

The most recent phase in their career began in 2003 – the 40th anniversary of their first record release – when they reunited for a PBS TV music special. Since then they have performed their two-man show all over the United States, Canada, Hawaii and the Philippines – playing to sold out crowds who flock to hear the harmonies and the humor. They continue to record and release new material, including ARK-eology and their first ever live album, entitled Reflection. In recent years Chad & Jeremy have appeared in two PBS TV specials, and Jeremy Clyde has featured on the West End stage in the award-winning dramatic play Three Days In May. Jeremy has also recently appeared in the Emmy winning UK drama Downton Abbey and the Academy Award winning film The Iron Lady. In 2014 Jeremy began his own solo career, releasing his first album entitled The Bottom Drawer Sessions, No. 1. Meanwhile, Chad has branched out on his own with a solo tour and has released a series of children’s CDs. Their music has recently featured on Mad Men and in the Men In Black III film.

After more than fifty years together, Chad & Jeremy are as compelling today as they were in the 1960s